Volunteer Opportunity

August 22, 2014

The LMIEC Mentorship for Immigrant Employment program brings together internationally trained individuals with local mentors in their field to gain a better understanding of the regional job market; establish valuable networking contacts; and learn more about sector-specific language and professional practice in Canada.  The volunteer commitment of no more than a couple of hours a month over a 4-6 month period is a valuable opportunity to increase intercultural awareness, learn about your field from an international perspective and support a newcomer’s efforts to become professionally established in our region.  We offer opportunities for both individual mentors to participate as well as for companies to engage interested staff in the professional development opportunity as Corporate Champions.  

The LMIEC can also support your company in hosting a group mentoring session – another great way to profile your business before an emerging talent pool, share information on your corporate culture and spot top talent for potential recruitment ahead of your competition.  You provide two hours of time and we take care of all the rest.

For a list of some of the talented individuals looking for a mentor, please click here.   To learn more about the LMIEC’s Summer Mentorship Campaign, click here.